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Technology Center and Power of System Integrated Capability

OMH's Technology Center was cognized as a Provincial Corporation Technology Center by Shanxi Economic and Trade Committee in 2000. The Technology Center possesses strong R&D ability, and has been listed as one of the top participants in the industry by Shanxi Economic and Trade Committee in recent years.

The Technology Center has been taking on the role of developing new products, drafting, amending the technological standard, as well as inionalization in the areas of automatic production lines, warehouse storage retrieval systems (ASRS), metallurgical equipment, coal mining equipment and painting equipment. It has also been the R&D centre for OMH's new products, technology, process and equipments. OMH’s Technology Centre has been playing a vital role in OMH's technological innovation, insuring OMH's continual and rapid growing.

OMH’s technical team has a high and wide vision on the logistic systems, and has a deep understanding and rich experience for storage system, conveyor system, sorting system, transporting system, etc. We can stand on the view of whole system to analysis the characteristic and data for our customers, so as to complete the planning and the equipment selection.

We can make the simulation videos and tests for our customer, and get different results by changing the parameters. Using the simulation results, the customer can make a right decision and feel the running status before the system’s development.

OMH has rich software development experience for WCS, WMS/TMS/DMS, ERP/SCM/3PL, etc. and can link the three-level software to have the right data exchange. We have software copyrights for WCS, WMS and ERP.

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