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Pre-sale Service

Pre service program:

1) the customer will inform the company (or the company's initiative to the customer unit for more inion).

2) to provide technical solutions according to the customer.

3) the sales staff to organize the preparation of tender documents and quotation.

4) by the president of the organization of contract review work, to confirm the company's ability to meet customer requirements.

5) participate in the tender.

Project Commitment

Process service system

Company project to implement the project total scheduling long, the total scheduling is responsible for the entire project from the design, production, installation and commissioning of the whole process of coordination and control, the total scheduling long to the engineering department manager, engineering department is responsible for process services, service phone: 0351-3633090.

Process service program:

1) after winning the bid of the project, the project department shall determine the total schedule of the project, and notify Party A.

2) the total scheduling of the project is to design the project organization and design scheme, and the execution of the Department under the company.

3) total scheduling long coordination project in the design, production and installation commissioning phase and the contact work of Party A.

4) in the process of the project, the total scheduling long door or regular mail "customer opinion questionnaire", for the user to the service of the company, as well as the total command of the site performance of the satisfaction degree, and according to customer feedback timely treatment.

After-sale Service tel:3633090

Our company regards technology services is an important and indispensable part of the product, with the principle "All for users, all for the problem-solving", we provide users with timely, comprehensive and high-quality full technical service.

Our company implements the project manager in charge system, the project manager has overall responsibility for the progress of the project, the company gives its manager authority of using labors and finance, to ensure the completion of the project on time and quality assurance.

We keep supplying spare parts and wearing parts at cost.

We guarantee the parts to be repaired on time, which are damaged during the process of installation, commissioning and trial run.

We provide technical support to meet your requirements if find any problem during the product use. We also provide timely repairing service, or changing parts for free to ensure the normal operation of the equipment under warranty.

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